Xcent vs Amaze vs Dzire: Engine Specs & Fuel Efficiency Comparison (Diesel)

Till a day before we were confused with the question – What diesel engine will Hyundai equip Xcent with considering a Hyundai official’s word which said – Xcent will get a more powerful engine.

And standing today, neither was ‘he’ wrong nor the publications which were confidently claiming the 1.1L diesel engine. Hyundai played a master stroke by working on the ECU unit of the diesel engine to pump out more torque from the same engine. On the Grand i10 it produces 71PS at the same 4000rpm but a considerably lesser 160Nm of torque between 1500 to 2750 rpm.


So a 1PS of power improvement, 20Nm torque increment with a slightly shifted torque band is what the Xcent diesel comes equipped with.┬áBut the question still remains – Is it juicy enough against the competition. Let us put figures on paper which compare the competition with the new entrant – Xcent diesel.

Xcent vs Dzire vs Amaze (Diesel)

Engine 3 cyl 1120cc DOHC 1248cc 1498cc DOHC
Power 72ps @ 4000 75ps @ 4000 100ps @ 3600
Torque 180.4Nm @ 1750-2500 190Nm @ 2000 200Nm @ 1750
Weight NA 1060kg 1085kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 43 liters 42 liters 35 liters
Fuel Efficiency (ARAI) 24.4kmpl 23.4kmpl 25.8kmpl

As you can see, despite the tuning improvement, Xcent remains the most underpowered car among the competition. As a first it carries the same 3 cylinder engine which is generally more vibration-prone whereas both the other cars carry proper 4 cylinder motors.

Honda-Amaze-Pictures (15)

Moving to the power figures, Amaze takes away the crown by a significant margin and also produces the peak rpm earlier than the other cars. Xcent is the least powerful of the lot.

More Important Torque Figures:

Interestingly, Hyundai has listed the torque figures in kgm against the commonly used unit ‘Nm’. Owing to the biggest engine here, Amaze is the most torquey car here followed by Dzire (which feels even more than Amaze because of the turbo kick of DDIS) and yet again Xcent is the least torquey here though it has a fairly decent peak torque band.



For some reasons best known to Hyundai, they have not revealed the weight of the car. Amaze is slightly heavier than Dzire.

Fuel Efficiency, Tank Capacity & Range:

With phenomenal fuel efficiency of the Honda’s iDTEC, Amaze returns segment best figures of 25.8kmpl however it has the smallest capacity 35 liters tank resulting in a total range of 903kms.

Following Amaze is Xcent which is rated at an FE of 24.4kmpl (Grand i10: 24kmpl) and it also has the biggest tank here at 43 liters. This results in the highest range of 1049 kms.

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Dzire, as always, sits pretty in between at 23.4kmpl it is the car with the lowest fuel efficiency figures here and with a tank capacity of 42liters, it can run for 982kms before mandating a refuel.

These are based on official ARAI rated fuel efficiencies and a lot would depend on how Xcent utilizes fuel droplets in actual road conditions.

So, it is an evenly fought battle here where one car scores over the other in one or the other parameter and vice versa. Amaze is undoubtedly the most fuel efficient whereas Dzire is more fun to drive. How would Xcent, with a less powerful engine, place itself in this closely fought battle. We await a test drive!

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