Xclusive MB Scoop: RED 2013 Force Trax Gurkha 4WD SUV Spotted Revealing All

Force Motors, it seems, is getting aggressive with their plans in India. They entered the passenger car segment whole heatedly with immensely spacious Force One SUV a little while back. 

Through our exclusive and conclusive spy pics of 4×4 test Force One we also know that the company is about to launch it pretty soon. Now, it seems we have some company! We have spotted this sporty red colored (believe us it looked fabulous) Force Trax Gurkha.


We know many of you would ask “Now what in the whole world is that?“. Trax Gurkha is a very capable but not mostly known SUV from Force powered by a 2.6L 75HP/195Nm motor. It has been in India for some time now and a few months back Force did talk about reviving it in the times to come.

It seems the time has come and we have conclusive pictures to talk on our behalf. Turning our attention towards the mule we have in hand:

  • This is expected to be the new 2013 Force Trax Gurkha.
  • In the older Gurkha, the ‘GURKHA’ decal was placed just above the front wheel arches. Interestingly, the ‘GURKHA’ decal was not to be found anywhere on this test mule. Its place was occupied by a ‘POWER STEERING’ decal. There might (we repeat, might!) be a possibility that Force may want to drop this tag and use TRAX all along (more so when it has been made famous by Chevrolet Trax :P)
  • The headlamps are now rounded from the rectangular ones in the older Gurkha.
  • We can also notice Sturdy-looking alloys from Force One.
  •  Presence of nice looking sporty roof-rails also add a bit of dash to the overall ruggedness.
  • The rear-mounted spare wheel is also alloy

That pretty much sums up the overall exterior changes which we could notice from these pictures. Then again we have the trademark snorkel emanating out from the bonnet and running across to the roof, bonnet-mounted blinkers, rugged looks and the eye-catchy red color which gives this SUV butch looks!

Force_Trax_Gurkha_4WD _rear

Obviously, there is not much known about the engine changes but according to our speculations, this new-generation Trax Gurkha could borrow Mercedes sourced BS4 compliant 2.2L FMTECH engine from Force One. We also see the 4 wheel drive on the upcoming Force One making its way onto this SUV.

We also expect good amount of changes to the interiors of this SUV where Force should be eliminating the rough edges and bland looks to something refreshing keeping the ruggedness alive.

Keep tuned as we try to unearth more about the new Force Trax Gurkha… You must have smelled by now, we are excited…!

So, if you are considering the THAR, wait a while, we would say!


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Force Trax Gurkha Spy Pics


8 thoughts on “Xclusive MB Scoop: RED 2013 Force Trax Gurkha 4WD SUV Spotted Revealing All”

  1. Looks tough and rugged….the original hard top is a boon in some cases. With decent fit and finish along with a reasonably fair on-road price….it can surely take on the Thar. I think even the old Gurkha would score higher on OTR capabilities when compared to the Thar. The Thar is a stunner but its a big crap inside. Mahindra has used substandard materials in the cabin. Even Leo toys had better quality plastics.

    • Thanks Jeevan for your comment…

      If this machine gets the Force One motor, it would be make one stonker of a true off-road machine…

      Pricing would be the key for Force…


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