Kwid sedan and other products are expected to be under four meter long…

The CMF-A platform saw its first product last year in the form of the Renault Kwid. With bookings crossing the 1 lakh mark, the car will soon be joined by its Datsun counterpart, the RediGo. So you think that’s all the platform is going to spawn? Obviously not! The Renault-Nissan alliance to ready to make more cars out of it.

As per an article on Autocar India, the alliance will make not one but at least four more cars out of the Common Module Family-A (CMF-A) underpinning. This will not just be limited to cross hatches but will also include sedans. A crossover with a Nissan or Datsun badging is also possible in the near future. Here’s what Mr Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO, Renault-Nissan alliance had to say:

Kwid sedan under works

“We’re going to come up with more cars on the same platform. For the moment it’s one car, but you can expect second, third, fourth with different designs and different shapes. We’re obviously going to have crossovers and we’re also going to have sedans.”

Renault Nissan CMF platform explanation

This means a Kwid sedan, Kwid crossover (SUV) is definitely on the cards. The car maker also gave hints of an electric version of the Kwid however no time frame has been specified for these new cars. Unlike the Kwid, the new models will be sold not just in Indian but other emerging markets as well where the alliance is operational. The CMF-A platform was developed to make fuel efficient and small vehicles for high growth markets like ours. So fathom how would a Kwid sedan look?