Get Ready for an All-New Fiat Linea in 2015

When I first saw a Fiat Linea in a corporate parking lot many years ago the first thing that struck me was its size. The classic lines, the chrome, the eye-catching alloys and the fit and finish all had a favourable impression on me.

Anybody looking at the Linea from across a glass partition in a shop window is bound to be impressed. Anybody bothering with a closer look is not let down either. This big sedan was loaded to the teeth with features for a price that most considered as bargain.

This is the Linea Facelift

What it lacked though was the ‘oopmph’ to carry that ‘ah’ around.

When it was first introduced in 2007, it came with an engine underpowered for a lively drive and people at Ranjangaon Fiat factory were briefed to add more zest. They came up with the T-Jet petrol which increased the available bhp to 113. It did manage to increase sales for Fiat but when you are stacked up against the likes of Honda City and Hyundai Verna, you are in for a large customer expectation.

The sales of Linea all these years have not been much to write home about but it has more to do with Fiat’s lacklustrous interest in the Indian market uptill now. However, with renewed interest Fiat has released an interesting roadmap for India which includes a lot of show-stopping products.

The plan included entry level Linea Classic and the Linea facelift for India. While the Linea Classic is already launched, Linea facelift (with 1.6 MJD) is coming early next year, mules of which have been exclusively spied by us. This is for India!

New-2014-Fiat-Linea-Facelift-spy-pic (1)
Linea Facelift First Ever Spyshots in India. Click pic for details

According to, Fiat is developing an all new model for 2015 which should be the new Linea for the year 2015. Not much is out in the open about this 2015 version of Linea but it is reported that Fiat plans to make the new Linea more fuel efficient and affordable. Right pricing, of course, is a major factor in markets like India and Brazil. Where Fiat needs to concentrate more is the after-sale service of their products to ward of the influence of the likes of Honda, Hyundai and others…

New Linea is likely to be showcased at the upcoming Indian Motor Show in February 2014 and the customer reaction to that updated model will pretty much tell Fiat what they will need to do to their Linea of 2015.

Fiat Turkey, where the Linea had been produced will undertake the development of the new Linea and we can hope to see the next generation Linea in showrooms some time during the middle of the year 2015

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– By Sufi

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