Here’s why an electric scooter from BGauss should be your next commuting solution

Chances are that you are already convinced that the next big thing in the mobility space is electric and if you aren’t, you better be! Because everything points to only one thing – the future is electric! Smelling massive opportunities, a lot of players have emerged in this space ever since the Government started pushing … Read more

How to Earn Discounts on Car Insurance – FIVE WAYS

Discounts on Car Insurance – here are five easy easy ways to reduce your premium… Apart from being mandatory by law, car insurance provides truckloads of benefits to us – peace of mind being the paramount of them all! Hence, we should forget about considering “Whether I should insure my car or not” and instead … Read more

PUC Check Mandatory for Vehicle Insurance Now

PUC Check

One of the major causes of pollution, especially in the urban landscape, is the exhaust gases from automobiles. Governments across the world issue emission norms specifying limits of harmful gas emissions from all vehicles and automobile manufacturers have to make sure their products adhere to these guidelines. The problem, however, is that there is no … Read more

Toyota To Produce Models Developed By Suzuki in India

Toyota & Suzuki agree to start discussing joint projects… Taking their agreement further, Toyota & Suzuki has now agreed to start discussions on joint projects. These project will be in the field of technological development, vehicle production and market development. Earlier, Suzuki and Toyota had announced agreeing on the mutual supply of vehicles for the Indian … Read more