Change of Guard: Sumit Sawhney is Renault India’s New CEO & MD

Amidst all the Auto Expo preparations, Renault has shared an official release which informs us about the big change of guard at the topmost position in the country.

Renault has appointed Sumit Sawhney as the new Managing Director and Country CEO of Renault India. Sumit replaces Marc Nassif who has been at the helm ever since the Renault brand was launched in India. Marc Nassif moves to another global assignment within the Renault group.


From General Motors, Sumit Sawhney joined Renault India as an executive director in September 2012 and possess an experience of 20 years in the Indian automotive industry. Sumit is currently heading the sales and marketing for Renault India and his move to the new pole position will take effect from 1st of February 2014.

Under his new role, Sumit will be responsible for the entire operations of Renault in India and will report to Mr Gilles Normand who is the Chairman of Renault Asia Pacific region.

Going will not be a rosy bed for Sumit as the lone brand that the company really banks upon, Duster, is falling in the ranks and other models are not taking any serious acceptance in the Indian market. However, to combat that Renault has real aggressive plans for our market.

2014-Renault-Duster-Facelift-Pics (2)
Duster facelift

They intend to launch facelifts and refreshes of almost all models in India including a facelift to Duster and an entry level hatchback concept called as ‘A-Entry‘ at the Auto Expo. You can check out the complete list here.

We, at MotorBash, wish Sumit all the very best and hope he brings a lot of exciting products and technology from Renault to India!

17 thoughts on “Change of Guard: Sumit Sawhney is Renault India’s New CEO & MD”

  1. my car met with a small accident 13 days back service people saying no spare parts available in India its shame for Renault. am spending daily Rs, 400 for taxi. even today i called OMR service centre in CHENNAI still their not able to tell when they can deliver of my car. and charging huge amount RS.52000/. i am fed up explaining customer care centre . their is no proper response as a CEO can u help me.

  2. I bought a Renault duster 85 ps top model(Opt.Nav) in April 2015 (Chasis no- MEEHSRAW5F1079017, Eng. No- E003059, Key No- 33484473) from your showroom in Meerut, delivered in Bareilly. But I am not satisfied with services of your dealer.
    1. Car was delivered by a driver, not by authorized demonstrator/ salesman. Driver did not know about any function of car. He gave us phone number of a salesman to ask about functions & details of features. Can Renault not arrange a demonstrator for buyer? Is this a responsibility of buyer not company or dealer to get all information about car?
    2. I received insurance cover note after one month from purchase, while it should be at the time of delivery.
    3. Booklet provided shows rear A.C. window, while I am not able to locate in my car. Nobody is giving me answer that this is facility in car or not.
    4. Booklet provided by company shows rear camera, but we are not able to find it. Whether it will be provided with extra cost or we have to purchase from outside.
    5. Rear sensor is not working in car. There is beep sound but there is no red/ green zone in display. Please tell us whether it is deactivated.
    6. Whether music system has any code, if yes; please tell us the code.
    7. Display is not showing video or image of mobile phone with help of blue tooth, while we are able to attend phone call.
    8. High beam of head lamp is downwards, which needs correction by a mechanic.
    9. Please tell us how navigation system will be updated.
    10. When & where we have to go to service? Please tell us

  3. Hi, From last 6 month I am bit disturbed as Engineer at local dealer PMG Chandigarh  not able to catch up the issue of Gear shift from 1st to 2nd gear, the problem was reported almost six month back when almost 35000KM done & after then I visited workshop for 45K service I found issue unresolved, they have kept my car on observation since yesterday , but my worry start here as its my 4th car I never had such issue in the previous one cars from another Companies.
    I am not getting proper reply or justification Service manager tried to convene me but I doubt a big Manufacturer defect in my Car. My Car not even completed 3 year & noticed a defect which is beyond the control of Service managers as well.

    Can you update me on this. Or Ask PMG Chandigarh dealer engineer.

    Hemender Kumar

  4. i am regerting to inform you that i have purchase the renault scala 11/04/2015 from cristal automiles pvt ltd ghaziabad ncr .
    when i purchase the renault car they did not given to me the invoice and the sales manager did the wrong comitment with me. renault cheated me nobody give me the satisfy answer now i am going to upload this issue all the multimedia within two days I meet the solve my query otherwise i will take the legal action against renault with prooved documentation .

  5. Hi
    Renault team time is over , nobody contact me ,now i will go to the consumer court.
    vehicle Scala UP14BN5937
    Purchase on dated 11 april 2015 and Your customer care and cristal automobiles Ghaziabad UP have no knowledge that SCALA RXE is our Renault model or not.
    Top to bottom every one is a big cheater.

    • Yes they are the cheaters. I have also experienced the same. Am owner of duster service level is very poor…The ram a road and mundka people are the liars and cheaters. …its appx one month my car is just tossing these service centres and the job are still undone. They correct one and damage the other two….

  6. Your NCR motors PVT.LTD. sold me defective duster car—Fuel gauge not correctly showing km.Also they have delivered the car with a temporary number plate which expires today and the sales peronal are not bothered.Will take necessary action if your agents do not proceed to correct the situation which includes replacing the defective car.Do respond

  7. hi
    few things, I would like to know do u have alloy wheels for kwid and can the reverse camera works on existing display, if u don’t have an alloy wheel can u pls provide the the pcd center bore and bolt size and offset for the same (pls don’t ask me to contact the dealer)

  8. Dear sir,
    This email is to register a complaint against the Renault Dealer in Bangalore, Trident Renault regarding a defective vehicle sold to us.
    We had purchased a Renault Duster RXL Petrol high end version September 2015, car registration number KA-04-MQ-3805. During the first 0-50km of driving the car we had experienced jerking motions (in all gears) and poor performance of the air conditioning. This fault was reported to the dealer who said that the jerking is a common occurrence with all new SUV’s and will gradually be self corrected by the engine as one continues to drive the vehicle.
    Believing the dealers expert technical knowledge of the vehicle we continued to use the vehicle until on a particular day (when km reading was showing 499km) the vehicle engine automatically switched off involuntarily after a series of jerking in the middle of the road whilst the vehicle was cruising at 40kmph. Fortunately, a truck behind us had applied emergency brakes and nearly missed ramming our vehicle from behind. We reported this fault to the Renault Trident showroom manager, Mr. Chandrakant who advised us to bring the vehicle for a thorough check up and he would sent it to the Whitefield service centre FAO: Mr. Jaykumar. It was then returned after two days with a comment that the fault has been corrected. As a vehicle owner we would have expected to know what repairs have been done to our vehicle but no details were provided either in the way of a job card copy.
    We continued to use the car and within a short period of time the jerking occurred again. The vehicle was taken to the service centre again FAO: Jaykumar for an analysis of the recurrent fault. This time we were told that there has been a fuel contamination. All suspicion was on the fuel. We told them that we had filled full tank from Shell petrol station as soon as the vehicle was purchased.
    We had queried that if fuel contamination was the issue then we advised the service centre for a fuel analysis to be done at a laboratory at our own cost. We did not believe that Shell is selling contaminated fuel. No efforts were made available by the service centre to advise us to collect fuel samples for analysis.
    Later on they then got back to us saying the the fuel tank / fuel pump was contaminated and had dust in it hence injection of fuel was not being done to the engine. The service centre then told us that the entire fuel tank has been changed and so also the fuel pump. But the invoice copy 16007682 indicates that the fuel tank has been drained of its contents and refitted and so also the fuel pump. No indications of a new fuel pump being fitted has been mentioned. The vehicle was then delivered to us as they said that there will be no further problems. The next day a team from Renault Chennai visited our residential complex to inspect the vehicle and corroborate the service centre statement.
    After a few hundred kilometers drive in city and one day during non peak hours the engine began to smoke. We contacted Mr. Chandrakant who in turn contacted the service centre and despatched two service technicians who did not carry any analytical tools to sort the problem. There was a warning zig zag orange sign that displayed on the panel. The battery terminals were disconnected and reconnected by the technicans in the hope of solving the problem. The warning orange light persisted and we were advised to take the car to the service centre to rectify the fault. We took the car to the service centre in Whitefield and met the service advisor Mr. Sashikant. All the issues were discussed. We had intented to meet Mr. Jaykumar to help solve this problem but as always he was unavailable to meet the customer. Either he is in a meeting as always or his telepbone is engaged all the time. It is very difficult to get him on the phone as for almost hours on end his phone is engaged. A time limit of half hour was given by the technician to rectify the warning light and jerking through their laptop diagnosis but it took 30 hours for them to return the car to us. When we queried about the service done we were told that it was a small technical problem and has been resolved now. A illegible comment in pen was scribbled in the invoice to indicate some repair has been done. This copy was not given to the customer though I have signed it, The customer was given a blank copy.
    Since we intended to travel to Mumbai two days later we were advised by Renault Whitefield service centre to service the car before travel. We were told that Renault Jakkur being the closest to our residence it would be the most convenient for us. The car was given to Jakkur Renault for service and collected the same day. On receipt of the car from service from Renault Jakkur it was noticed that the right head lamp was flickering sometimes. This was reported to the sales advisor.
    The next day we left for Mumbai which is 980 kms from Bangalore. After driving around 430 kms the car again started jerking and the engine was shutting off involuntarily on the highway. The warning zig zag orange light cropped up again. At this point the brakes and accelerator were not functioning to the full capacity. We managed to draw up to the side of the road and again restarted the engine (warning light still on). We were 60 kms from Hubli and approximately 550 kms from Mumbai. Multiple calls were made to Chandrakant, Jaykumar and the Jakkur Service centre manager and Hubli service centre manager. We were on the Hubli national highway and asked for assistance from Renault Hubli. We got in touch with the Hubli service centre manager and two other assistants and none of them helped us stating that the service centre was closed being a Sunday and they were away. It seemed like there was no back up team to deal with any such situations. We were stranded on the highway with family and our pet dog. Chandrakant from Bangalore told us that Jaykumar had advised that we could continue to drive to Mumbai (further 550kms approximately) as the fault is in the fluctuation of RPM. He advised that we could drive until the warning light turned red. With no other choice nor help from any quarter we continued our journey to Mumbai to cover the remaining 550 odd kilometres.
    We reached Mumbai at 01:30hrs (due to being stranded in Hubli) the next day. Ranault Thane Gen Next Motors Ltd was contacted and the situation was explained to Mr. Sanjay, service manager who immediately deputed his driver to pick up the vehicle from our residence. The car was kept for two days for repair and returned to us with the fault rectified. An invoice report detailing job work done and customer feedback form and customer satisfaction form was also send submitted to us. It has been surprising that we have never received any customer feedback form nor any customer satisfaction form from Trident Bangalore for any of the services done by them.
    The car again developed jerking motions while driving in Mumbai city and stopped at an intersection signal in Malad almost causing an accident. The next day the car was again taken to the Renault Thane Gen Next service centre. The service manager, Mr. Sanjay and the technician test drove the car and they too noticed the jerking motion. The spark plug and sensor and alternator were refitted as per invoice 16001609.. We were assured that the fault had been completely dealt with.
    We left Mumbai for Bangalore on 30-12-2015. After driving 110 kms the car again started jerking and the orange warning zig zag light cropped up again at the first toll plaza in Panvel. We contacted Mr. Sanjay who by now had a complete history of our car faults and he immediately got in touch with Renault Panvel Gen Next to assist us.
    Mr. Faizal and Mr. Sashikant contacted us for an immediate solution to our problem. At Renault Panvel the car was again test driven by Mr. Sashikant and whilst driving the warning zig zag light turned red and the engine switched off involuntarily twice. We were advised to leave the car behind at the service centre for repairs. That left us as a family with no transport for our onward journey to Bangalore. We were stranded 800 odd kilometres from our final destination with no recourse of any help from Renault Trident. They had sold us a defective vehicle and were now not willing to take any onus on themselves. There was no use speaking to Mr. Chandrakant as he was not willing to help. His contention was that we speak to Renault Chennai and toll free number to sort out our predicament. Not realizing that he had sold us a faulty car. A whole day was wasted at the Gen Next service centre and we proceeded to organize a taxi to Bangalore from Panvel. We were stranded from 08:30hrs to 21:30hrs at Gen Next service Panvel trying to arrange alternate transport to Bangalore. Various calls were made to Renault by Mr. Sanjay and Mr. Faisal who understood the predicament we were in as a family to reach Bangalore. We finally made a decision to arrange a taxi by ourselves to Bangalore and not be a victim of Renault’s callous attitude to customer service. The toll free number and road assistance proved little to help. The phone disconnects after every call.
    A good word of appreciation to Gen Next Thane and Gen Next Panvel , They made every effort to accommodate and solve the issues faced by us. We reported the car to Gen Next Panvel at 08:30hrs on 30-12-2015 and had requested for a alternate transport to take us to Bangalore. Neither Renault Chennai nor Trident Bangalore were concerned in solving our inconvenience. Telephone calls during working hours are not being answered by Renault Chennai nor senior personnel of Renault.
    Mr. Sanjay had proved to be an exceptional professional in solving our concerns. Gen Next Thane has submitted to us service reports / invoices detailing job works done.. If you try calling Renault Chennai all you get is disappointment as no one answers any phone call. Even the General Managers duty phone is switched off during working hours.
    A word of appreciation for Mr. Faisal and Mr. Sashikant from Gen Next Panvel who have done their best for us with the limited options provided by Renault.
    Having said all of the above we would expect Renault Trident Bangalore to action the below:
    1. Replace the faulty vehicle with a new one or repay the entire amount in full including the cost of accessories rs 85000/-. We have lost faith in both the machine as well as the people in the company. The car has been giving jerking motions right from day two of purchase. Moreover after 499kms the first visit to the service centre was done to solve a jerking and ac problem.
    2. At 1871km the warning light had come up and since then it seems to be popping up quite often. Everytime this is rectified by the service centre it shows again after a few hundred kilometres.
    3. Renault Trident Bangalore and Hubli service centre has to pay for the trauma we had undergone for being stranded on the highway as well as at the Panvel service centre for a whole day due to their faulty vehicle.
    4. Renault Trident has to pay for the taxi cost that was incurred by us from Panvel to Bangalore. Rs 27000/-. We have been advised by Mr. Faisal to submit our claim to Renault Trident, showroom.
    5. The service manager at Renault Whitefield says nothing is wrong with the car and tries to brush everything under the carpet eventhough it shows faults and the faults are corroborated by Gen Next service Mumbai managers both Mr. Sanjay and Mr. Faisal.
    6. Mr. Chandrakant , showroom manager, Trident Renault will not take any responsibility for the defective car he has sold us. His opinion is that the after sales team is to be contacted for any after sales query. This attitude is most unprofessional and fraudulent. He has sold us a defective vehicle and must pay for a replacement or refund the entire amount. Our cheque was to Trident Renault and not Renault India. Can you he explain.
    7. The car is in now in the service centre at GenNext Panvel undergoing repairs. This is the 7th visit to the service center whilst the car has covered only 3245 kms. In Mumbai in a span of ten days the car has visited the service center on two occasions for a period of 4 days.
    8. There has been 2 x near miss accidents due to the car stopping in the middle of the road involuntarily. Renault should be responsible for this.
    9. Our visit to Mumbai was for 10 days of which 4 days have been allocated to vehicle repairs and service centre visits. The intention of using the vehicle in Mumbai city was defeated due to engine problems.
    If we are not compensated in all aspects the next stop will be Renault France and the consumer court in India. We hope not our query will be solved well before this.
    Diwakar Pathiyan
    Ph: 07829012714

  9. Sir,

    I had booked kwid on 30-12-2015 through your dealer M/s Divine autotech pvt ltd at Moti nagar, New Delhi . My booking receipt no is 3110 & booking amount was Rs. 20000. I am yet to receive the car. Now the sales team is not responding to our calls now. I am not sure when will I receive the car. There is absolutely no update.

    Kindly check and confirm. Hoping for an early reply.

  10. I bought the Duster Adventure variant from Renault Whitefield, Bangalore in February 2014 at a cost of 15 lakhs. the use of the vehicle is exclusively by self and mostly for long distance. The vehicle has covered only around 14000 kms as of now. In October 2015 the vehicle abruptly stopped on the highway near Coimbatore. The engine would start but engaging the gear if will shut down. The vehicle was towed to Annamali Renault in Coimbatore. The reason given for the breakdown was that the slave cylinder malfunctioned which is a rare case.Since the vehicle was under warranty they said the replacement would be at no extra cost but the part would be replaced on approval and receipt from head office. They made me run pillar to post and had to stay 4 days in Coimbatore to get the part replaced. The final shock was that I was asked to pay Rs 22,000/- towards replacement of the clutch assembly which was not told earlier. I have been driving cars for over 40 years and that the vehicle has done only 11,000 kms there was no chance of the clutch plates getting spoiled. Out of desperation I paid the money and went ahead.

    Ever since the vehicle had gone for the first service I have been experiencing problems with the gears mainly the reverse,5th and the 6th. every time they would do some adjustment and the problem continued. Since the problem became very acute and the final free service was due, I left the vehicle with Renault Whitefield on the 23rd February. I was promised the return the vehicle after changing the gear cable the following day at 1600 Hrs. While waiting to collect the vehicle the following day, I was told that the gear cable is not suiting the 110 bhp vehicle and additional parts also to be changed which would take another two days to get it from their head office. Having to heard from the service station I called up to check on the status and I was told that it would take another two days. Today is the 15th days and still I do not know what is cooking up. The response from the customer care is pathetic on contrary they are very rude and arrogant disconnect calls if they happen to pick up. There is no escalation matrix being followed being a multinational company. Written mails are only acknowledged through the system and no one bothers to respond. My expectations are shattered with Renault. One has to really check and verify whether it is worth going for a brand like this…

  11. Dear sir, I saw your speech during Kwid launching, your speech was very sweet but your commanding is nil(nothing). Because, no one response our problem from service centre and customer care. Because, I gave my Renault Kwid rxt (o) for change of engine oil sump on 02/03/2016. But till now (28/04/16) 58 days the repair is not done. The vehicle is ride only 44(fourty four) kms. The vehicle purchased on 27/02/2016. I was drove only three days. So, I will advance for consumer court. Your company gives mentally tensioned.

  12. Dear Sir,

    Please refer the complaint registered with ID1-4383661351. Based on the discussion with your vendor for tyre and testing of the tyre at site, he communicated that the defect is due to some mal intention. He had given a report stating that this is PINHOLE.

    The report is not acceptable and I communicated the same to them also. Even before testing, I also communicated that it seems a very fine hole there. So what is the benefit of wasting their time and my time in getting the same from them with stating invalid reason to hide there defect in the product.

    I denied signing the report also, but they insist and then i signed with mentioning all these details.

    The reason for taking up the Tyre Vendor was that it will take the genuine decision which in this case seems to be biased only.

    Now, I am a customer of the RENAULT which needs to take up this issue with their vendor. Secondly, the time is of essence and of importance to me. I can not waste the time in visiting from door to door. It is RENAULT which needs to take up the issue with your TYRE VENDOR appropriately.

    Now, till now I have not received any reply for the second issue mentioned in my compliant.

    Meanwhile, I have started facing a third issue also i.e. the problem in the AC heating n ventilating knob. During the third service, the service center has taken up this n did some correction in this. You must be knowing that it is rarely used n from couple of weeks this has again started reflecting (unable to rotate it).
    I am surprised just after two years of purchase that too for nearly 20000km, these kind of problems started reflecting in the vehicle (the vehicle which has been purchased with a great trust on the quality of a french renowned car manufacturer).
    With a great hope, I am requesting you to take up all these issues appropriately to the satisfaction of the CUSTOMER.

  13. Dear Sir,


    Let me start my note saying that i have very high regards for Renault as an organization and for its products and i love my Duster so much.

    Wanted to bring to your notice the very poor customer experience i am undergoing with your silk board service center – Bangalore, India Little background on it

    I gave my car (KA51 MF 1339) for service couple of days back with some of the issues pointed out specifically on my music system and this is what was the sequence of activities

    1. The issue pointed out was not resolved and the car was returned as is with a bill amount of INR 16,000 for the overall service
    2. I called up and asked them why this issue was not resolved and the response i got was to change my music system which was not convincing for me as the issue was not with the music system as it performs well but hangs when i start my engine
    3. I was asked to give the car again for looking at it but this time to my surprise the pointed out issue was resolved but the Bluetooth and navigation capabilities were messed up
    4. I reported them again, they assured that they will send some technician and resolve it but the technician could not and was asked to bring the car to the service station for rectifying
    5. I took my car to the service station for the 3rd time today but the Manager service told me that i am not sure if we can rectify the problem but you can leave the car til Monday and we shall try.

    I gave my car for regular service and had lost the capabilities my car had and running around for so many times without any resolution. This really triggers a question in me asking do we really have capable technicians to serve the customers or not?

    This experience of mine is specifically with the Silk board service station and while i was sitting their i could also see couple of customers yelling at the engineers for poor customer experience..

    I wanted to go the public forum but because of the regards i have for this organization i wanted to bring this to your notice and see what is being offered to me to boost my best experience.

    I was dealing with the following people at the service center

    1. Santosh – Service Manager
    2. Rekha
    3. Deepa V – Customer service manager

    Overall, most the organization focuses on customer experience as the highest priority in the current trend but it was shocking to see the way the customers are dealt with at your Silk board service center.

    Request you to intervene and see what best can be done but i feel there are lot of corrections and training required to your team to teach what is quality service is and best customer experience offering are.

    Will look forward to your response.

    Best Regards,


  14. Hi
    Renault work shop Koparkhairne lost my car keys and ashish despande mis behaved with my family
    I would Appreciate If you could let us know why and how and when you lost keys
    I can sue renault for doing this to me

    You lost our key which direct to theft possibilities
    Your management team ashish despande spoke rudely to my family, and me.
    We cant drive with convinience of keyless for a month or more
    We have to wait for a month to get function changed of car unneccesarily and again have to give car in your hands which again leads to losing keys or things further next time could be car itself be stolen from your work shop.
    We have to change match point function again with some amount to be paid for refunction

    Waste of time mental torture and insult to my family Leads me to file compaint against Renault and ashish despande
    Well contacting a lawyer to sue renault for Waste of time mental torture and insult to my family

    Not happy at all from Renault management specialy sanjay mahadik not taking things seriously still



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