Ignis variants – total 15: including manual and AMT

Ignis, which is scheduled to be launched in India on 13th of January is the next big thing from Maruti. The funky car, which is touted to be a replacement for Ritz, has already got a lot of positive hype around it, despite sporting one of the worst rear designs. Bookings of the car have opened and there is already a speculated waiting period and this before the prices are announced.

And before its launch the car has already started reaching dealerships, signified by this spotting at a dealership by a Team-bhp member.


Maruti has also put up the official brochure of the car which reveals all the specs, variants and colours Ignis will be available in.

Ignis Variants – Petrol

  • Ignis Sigma Manual
  • Ignis Delta Manual
  • Ignis Zeta Manual
  • Ignis Alpha Manual
  • Ignis ‘Taxi’ Manual?

Ignis Petrol AMT variants

  • Ignis Delta AMT
  • Ignis Zeta AMT
  • Ignis Taxi AMT

Ignis Variants – Diesel

  • Ignis Delta Manual
  • Ignis Zeta Manual
  • Ignis Alpha Manual
  • Ignis Taxi Manual

Ignis Diesel AMT Variants

  • Ignis Delta AMT
  • Ignis Zeta AMT
  • Ignis Taxi AMT

Quick Pointers

  • There is no base ‘Sigma’ variant for Ignis diesel. However, Ignis petrol will start with ‘Sigma’ – primarily done to keep the entry cost low. Baleno is offered with the Sigma variant on both diesel and petrol.
  • AMT is offered in both the mid variants – Zeta and Delta. Top of the line Alpha variant, for some reason, doesn’t get the option of AMT. This is uniform across the fuel options. This is the same strategy they follow for Baleno which may have worked. However, we believe Delta and Alpha should be offered with AMT options for proper differentiation and wider appeal.
  • There are a few ‘Taxi’ variants which probably hints at the fact that Maruti has got Ignis registered for commercial taxi market as well.

Ignis Fuel Efficiency

Ignis Petrol 20.89 kmpl
Ignis Diesel 26.80 kmpl

Ignis continues with the same 1.2 liter K-series petrol engine and the 1.3 liter DDIS diesel engine. And at an ARAI certified fuel efficiency of 26.80 kmpl, it will become the fifth most fuel efficient car over Dzire and City. MOST FUEL EFFICIENT CARS – LIST OF 7 CARS WITH FUEL EFFICIENCY ABOVE 26 KMPL (UNDER RS 10 LAKHS)

Ignis Colours

Maruti will be offering Ignis in a total of nine colour options…

Single-tone colours

  • Pearl Arctic White (available for all variants)
  • Silky Silver (available for all variants)
  • Glistening Grey (available for Sigma, Delta and Zeta)
  • Urban Blue (available for Alpha, Delta and Zeta)
  • Tinsel Blue (available for Zeta and Delta)
  • Uptown Red (available for Zeta and Delta)

Dual-tone colours (available only for Zeta and Alpha)

  • Uptown Red with midnight Black
  • Tinset Blue with midnight Black
  • Tinsel Blue with Pearl Arctic white

To make it a sportier offering, Ignis will also get three interior options…

  • Tinsel Blue Accents (only in Tinsel blue exterior colour)
  • Titanium Accents (available for white, silver, urban blue and grey exterior colours)
  • Uptown Red accents (only for uptown red exterior colour)

Though the Ignis is going to Nexa, sensibly it should be placed under Swift, right in the gap the omission of Ritz has created. Maruti has officially confirmed that there will be no SHVS for now and the all-grip AWD is also not being considered.

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