Duster Goes Berserk! Sells 6313 Units of Renault’s Total 8232 Units for March 2013

If a car clicks in India, its just clicks until another one clicks in the same segment to null this click! Just a few minutes back we shared with you how Renault India has increased almost Rs 1 Lakh on its Duster over a period of 9 months.

And here we receive the official Press Release stating that Duster has sold 6313 units for the month of March 2013 in India. This is the best ever figure for Duster in India and the very potent compact SUV has been on a roll ever since it was launched.

Dacia-Renault-Duster-Adventure (2)

Total sales for Renault stood at 8232 units which are also the best ever registering a whooping 8-fold growth from the corresponding March last year where they managed a paltry 1005 units. Obviously, that time Duster was not present and if you subtract Duster’s sales, Renault sold only 1919 units of other cars which is not really as impressive as portrayed.

But you just cannot discount it, Duster is very much a Renault India product! This also reveals the fact that all a company needs is a single product to hit the sweet spot! Because of Duster Renault is enjoying a fantastic run at the sales tally month on month toppling many manufacturers who have been here struggling it out from many years .

Here is a list of units sold by Renault for March 2013:

Renault Total Sales : 8232 Units

  1. Renault Duster: 6313 Units
  2. Renault Scala: 1026 Units
  3. Renault Pulse: 541 Units
  4. Renault Fluence: 337 Units
  5. Renault Koleos: 15 Units

If you are unaware, then Duster enjoyed a similar status till EcoSport hopped in to the scene in Brazil. And we all know Ford is about to spoil the party here in India as well. But will Duster really be dethroned?

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