We followed Brazil’s market very closely ever since the EcoSport was launched in July last year. What made matters very interesting were the similarities in the Indian and the Brazilian market.

Like India, prior to EcoSport’s launch Duster was a big craze with very high sales volumes. However, despite a higher price tag EcoSport toppled Duster and has ensured it remain on top for the last one year.


In the sales months released for the month of July 2013, EcoSport has continued its dominance by registering sales of 6639 units as compared to Duster’s 4786 units.

If we turn our attention to India, we see exactly the same scenario. After its launch in June, EcoSport is more than one month old and has received a tremendous response. So much so, that Duster’s sales have been left limited to 3089 units, its lowest ever in India.

Though its too early to predict the future, but EcoSport appears to have a higher hand as it is more appropriately priced than the overpriced Duster. It also comes with more modern looking interiors, a more compact size ideal for cities, better safety features and higher fuel efficiency.

Do you think EcoSport will repeat Brazil’s story in India as well? We definitely think so until there is a price correction in Duster’s tag!

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Source: Fenabrave via noticiasautomotivas.com.br




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