After EcoSport, without doubt the next awaited compact SUV is the Nissan Terrano. For the first timers, Terrano is nothing but a rebadged Duster and will come with a different face, rear and features.


Nissan is expected to launch Terrano sometime in September or October this year and according to speculations, it will come at a higher price tag than the already overpriced Duster, which is a big thorn in its success. The good thing is the speculation of the inclusion of 4×4 in the lineup which will lure 4WD seekers into Nissan’s stables (More Details).

Meanwhile, Nissan is continuing testing its most important product yet, on our roads. The above pic, shared at, features two camouflaged mules of Terrano, which might be diesel and petrol versions or 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive versions on test. It is interesting to note that both mules are running on different alloy wheels.

The following pic from features a mule (possibly one from the above pic) in motion somewhere in Chennai. According to a report, Terrano will share all the three engine/tunes ie 1.6L petrol and 1.5L diesel in 85PS & 110PS tunes.


What we have no doubt in is the potency of Duster and hence it will percolate to Terrano. What we are worried about is the possibility of Terrano coming precariously close to the Rs 15 Lakh price tag for the top of the line variant! The question, then, is – Will you prefer Terrano over Duster..?




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