Fiat’s 1.3L MultiJet Diesel Engine – List of All Indian Cars that Run on it [Updated]

Update 28 Jan 2017: Now we have 21 cars that run on this engine and a lot more are coming up. Its elder brethren – the 1.6L MJD is only used by Maruti and surprisingly no Fiat car gets one so far! Check out the updated list…

Often called as the National Engine of India, Fiat’s 1.3 liter MultiJet diesel engine is one motor which is used by many manufacturers here in India on their cars in various forms. There are a lot of people who are interested to know the list and here we compile it for you…

List of Companies That Share this Engine in India:

  • Tata Motors : 2 Cars
  • Maruti Suzuki : 8 Cars
  • Premier : 1 Car
  • Chevrolet : 4 Cars
  • Fiat : 6 Cars
Swift siblings are the largest selling Multijet cars in India

These are broadly the tunes/forms in which this engine is used in India.

  1. One which produces 75 PS of power and 190 Nm of torque – mostly used in B segment hatchbacks. These cars generally use Fixed Geometry Turbocharger. Power and torque figures vary with different manufacturers.
  2. Second, which produces 90 PS of power and 200 Nm of torque – for premium hatchbacks and C-segment sedans. These cars generally use Variable Geometry Turbocharger. Again, specs are different in different cars.
  3. And then there is the third category which is a 3-cylinder form which is used on Chevy Beat Diesel.

List of 1.3L Multijet Cars

List of all current cars which use Fiat’s 1.3L MultiJet diesel engine…


  1. Beat
  2. Sail Hatch
  3. Sail Sedan
  4. Enjoy MPV


  1. Linea
  2. Punto Evo
  3. Punto Pure
  4. Linea Classic
  5. Avventura
  6. Urban Cross

Maruti Suzuki

  1. Swift hatch
  2. Ignis cross hatch
  3. Dzire compact sedan
  4. Ertiga MPV
  5. Ciaz sedan
  6. S-Cross Crossover
  7. Vitara Brezza compact SUV
  8. Baleno premium hatchback


  1. Zest compact sedan
  2. Bolt hatchback


  1. Rio 1.3 Multijet compact SUV
Funky but overpriced Ignis is the latest car to get the 1.3L Multijet motor

Upcoming Multijet Diesel Cars

Upcoming Cars/facelifts that will use Fiat’s MultiJet diesel engine

This all-new Swift will continue with the same diesel engine…

A bigger 1.6L Multijet diesel does duty on the S-Cross but it has not tasted any major success, primarily because of its price. Rumour suggest that Ciaz may get this motor sometime this year.

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  1. No wonder Fiat makes the best diesel engines in the world which have high fuel efficiency and really long life. Not to mention their cars having an exceptional longevity: a proof seen in Mumbai roads still running the Premier Padmini.

    • Italian craftsmenship is highly focused on great designs. Fiat’s companies also make high quality performance equipment OEM type for other premium brands as well. Think of Fiat as a car maker that tries to give it’s customers certain build quality, certain performance of german/european cars in the price bracket of Japanese passenger cars.

  2. I am willing to open a automobile industry .. i want 4 cylinder 2500cc engine for sedan… it must have a turbo charger… m looking to buy engine from fiat… m looking for some power full engines to my new coming car… is there any engine of 2.2 ,2.4,2l to creat such a boosting power? If u are interested , plz rpy to my email

  3. hi
    i have a car opel astra deisel 1.7 its too old 1999. i want to change its engine. plz guide me which engine i can buy n what cost will be ??

    • Dear Arun, It’s better to change the car. Fixing a new engine in your 1999 model car does not make any sense. If your present car is having any special emotional value I suggest you to fix a 1.3 litre multijet diesel engine and it’s the best diesel engine in the world which is using for more than 6 millions of cars around the world.
      Sujith Padikkal

  4. I wonder why the people of India were always wanted the maruti Suzuki cars… where the heart (engine)of the car is produced by Fiat ..but people of India don’t want to buy the Fiat cars where the engine is same among tata,maruti and fiat… .people talks about after sales service of maruti Suzuki cars are easy to service the engine and maintenance is easy…..but my question is… if the engine is produced by Fiat …the same engine is placed in the tata ,maruti and fiat cars…..but in service stations mechanics use to say that we can’t do the service to fiat cars ..if the mechanic is capable of doing maruti cars then he must be capable of doing tata, Chevrolet etc… Here the engine is same, parts are same…why couldn’t we find after sale service for fiat cars …..I wonder ….guys …but FIAT I LOVE U GUYS ….WITHOUT U GUYS NO COMPANY EXISTS (TATA ,MARUTI , CHEVROLET ETC)….LOL


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