Ford EcoSport on a Rampage in Brazil

Ever since its launch in Brazil, the new Gen EcoSport has been on an uphill in terms of sales. Despite being priced over Renault Duster, the compact utility vehicle has been beating it consistently in monthly sales by significant margins. 

It has been registering fantastic sales and the all new design along with good choice of engines and the comprehensive refresh is doing the trick for Ford. For the first half of the month of April, EcoSport managed total sales of a whooping 3193 units and if it continues this streak, it might end up with monthly sales of over 6313 units. This, when compared with 4496 March 2013 units, will be a significant rise.

Ford-EcoSport (13)

On the other hand, Duster is also returning back to its rally. It sold 1879 units for the first half of April and might end up somewhere between 3500-4000 total monthly sales. Just for your reference, Duster managed a paltry 2282 units for March 2013.  Back in India, Duster is enjoying its dream run and last month, they managed total sales of over 6000.

With EcoSport coming to the party pretty soon, will Duster be able to continue its magnetic aura? This is a big question mark considering the fact that there are all chances (and sensibilities) that EcoSport will be priced under Duster in India.

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Sales Figures Source: Fenabrave via Noticias Automotivas

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