List of All Upcoming and Available Automatic Hatchback Cars in India [Updated]

International markets like US and others have a real big percentage of drivers opting for Automatic cars. In India, the fever is fast catching up with more manufacturers launching cars with automatic transmission.

Often, we have come across queries from people about what are the options they have when they are looking at an Automatic small car for themselves or their families. And hence, here comes a compilation of all automatic small cars that are present in India including the upcoming ones.

1. Maruti Suzuki A-Star:

This is the cheapest automatic car available and comes with a 4-speed Automatic box. It is available in VXi trim and has ABS as standard. It sports a smaller 1L K-series petrol fuel efficient engine but has cramped interiors.

Maruti A-star Cabriolet
This is Maruti A-Star Cabriolet.Click to know more

Status: Available

Price: Rs 5.3 Lakh On-Road


  • Cheapest AT car in India
  • Comes with ABS
  • Most fuel efficient AT


  • Cramped interiors
  • Smaller engine


2. Hyundai i10 AT:

Hyundai i10 is the second cheapest automatic car we have with us. Available with a 4 speed automatic box, it is available only with the 1.2L engine option (and not with the smaller 1.1L). Customers have two trims to chose from – Sportz and top of the line Asta (O) which comes with ABS and 2 airbags.

hyundai i10

Status: Available


  • i10 AT Sportz: Rs 6 Lakh
  • i10 AT Asta (O): Rs 7 Lakh

The optimum mix of fuel efficiency, power/performance and price. Buy it over A-Star if you have the budget.


3. Hyundai i20 AT:

Hyundai i20 is the costliest automatic hatchback we have in the market. It is available with a 4 speed Automatic gearbox and comes in Sportz trim where you get ABS and an airbag.

2012 Hyundai i20

Status: Available

Price: Rs 8.6 Lakh

The most plush and luxurious small AT car in India. If you want to buy an AT hatchback and want better interiors, richness and more power, this is the car to buy. Obviously it comes at a price!


4. Swift Dzire AT:

You would say what is Dzire doing here in the battle of hatchbacks. Well, after its latest chopping of boot, it is more of a notchback rather than a real sedan. We have included it just to keep you informed. Swift Dzire comes with a 4 speed automatic gearbox. Similar to A-Star it comes only in the VXi trim with ABS standard.

Maruti Suzuki DZire CS MotorBash
Click to Open Comprehensive Review of New 2012 Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Status: Available

Price: Rs 7.7 Lakhs

If a boot (how-so-ever small it may be) is your criteria and only the name of ‘Maruti’ ticks for you, Dzire is the car you should be seriously considering.


5. Honda Brio AT:

Honda has launched their first automatic hatchback in India and the honor is thrown on to the smallest car they have here, cute Brio. Brio Automatic Brio AT comes in two trims- lower ‘S‘ and the top ‘V‘. Brio AT comes with a 5-speed Automatic Transmission and in the process becoming the only one in the segment.

It is powered by the same 1.2-Litre i-VTEC petrol engine which produces 88 PS of power @ 6,000 RPM and 109 Nm of torque at 4,500 RPM. Brio AT has an ARAI certified fuel efficiency of 16.5 kmpl compared to 19.3kmpl for manual Brio

MotorBash Honda BRIO

Brio AT Price (Ex-showroom, Delhi):

  • Brio S(O) AT: Rs. 5.74 Lakhs
  • Brio V AT:  Rs. 5.99 Lakhs

Brio AT becomes the best small hatch to be driven in Automatic guise. If you are considering one in this segment, give this Honda the topmost priority.


6. Ritz AT:

After a lot of confusion, Maruti has finally launched the Ritz AT in India. At 17.16kmpl ARAI certified mileage, it is one of the most fuel efficient automatic cars in the country. Maruti has priced Ritz AT at Rs 6.15 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi) which makes it the most expensive automatic hatch in this segment (i20 and Polo are half a segment higher).

Suzuki Ritz Splash 2012


Ritz makes a lot of sense if you are considering buying a bigger Maruti than A-Star. It has widespread service centers and fuel efficiency along with better space than Brio AT.

Also Read: Price comparison and other details of Ritz AT

7. Polo GT TSI

Volkswagen Polo GT TSI is the latest to join this list of Automatic hatchbacks in India. It is India’s first ‘GT’ branded car in India and sits right there at the top when it comes to performance and price among automatic hatchbacks. It comes with a 7-Speed DSG gearbox, is ARAI rated at 17.2 kmpl and is your best bet if you want a performance oriented automatic hatchback.


Buy it if you are looking for performance, richness, and enthusiastic drive and ready to pay a price for it.

For launch details of Polo GT TSI, click here and for specifications, brochures and pictures, click here.


Upcoming Automatic hatchback:

8. Nissan Micra CVT:

In the latest development from the house of Nissan, they have confirmed an automatic version of their Micra hatch which will to sport the same CVT gearbox as the just launched Scala/Sunny CVT. Scala is rated at an FE of 17.97kmpl and Micra, being smaller is expected to be more fuel efficient, will take away the crown of the most fuel efficient hatchback when it launches very soon, probably by this month itself.

2013-Nissan-Micra-Facelift (3)

The biggest point of interest is that the CVT will be launched in the new facelifted Micra which has been unveiled only a few days back. New Micra facelift along with the CVT box is expected to be launched in a few weeks from now.

Read details about the new Micra facelift here.

9. Tata Vista Quadrajet AT

Yes, you read it right! According to a few speculations, Tata is also preparing to venture in this segment and in fact, they want to be a step ahead of all what we have listed above. They plan to launch an automatic version of their diesel Vista. If that happens, Tata will be the first one to venture in this segment with a diesel hatchback.


It is rumored that Tata Vista AT might be propelled by a 5-Speed automatic gearbox which is currently under works. A diesel Automatic will be a revelation of some sorts and if Tata launches it first, they will definitely get the first mover advantage before others jump in.

For more details, click here

So, if you are in the market for a small automatic hatchback, we have listed all the options you have along with the upcoming ones for you to better decide upon one. In fact, you can have all the flavors you want considering this list of 9 automatic hatchbacks. However, the big hue is the fact that all these are petrol models and we do not have a single diesel automatic hatchback in our country!

Are companies, apart from Tata, listening!

So, which one will you buy among these?

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    • Ramesh,
      These are the times to come..

      We have just got the taste of Automatics. And with increasing traffic, ATs are bound to grow..

  1. Auto man f. are bringing out-dated technology to India, In India people are not bothered, it is only status symbel, when the technology is available else were from the same man f. why bring 4-5 speed Automatics, Naturally it is a discontinued technology, so they dump it to India. Why man f. are not launching their new models simultaneously in India also, this clearly shows that they are dumping out-dated technology to Indians. What a shame Govt. is not taking any action on these man f. who are bringing out-dated technology to India.

  2. Dears,
    This article does not talk about the maintenance overhead of automatic cars. Automatic transmission is constlier than manual one. So how about the reliability of these vehicles from maintenance point of view.

    • I bought a Honda City CVT in 2008, it has been very reliable and useful for us. No specific maintenance for automatic transmission yet.



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