If you have ever seen a body doing ‘Garbhasana’ (fetus pose) or ‘Dwi Pada Sirsasana’ (feet-head pose), you will understand what Mahindra means when it says that their compact SUV Quanto now comes with “Yoga Seats”.

These seats, when not in use, can be folded away leaving a flat, levelled surface on the floor of the car that could be used for lugging suitcases, carrying camping gear, and accommodating the odd lady friend you wouldn’t possibly take home. There should be a law to promote these kinds of seats in all four-wheeled vehicles. That flat floor comes real handy, trust me on this.

Mahindra-Quanto-Folding-Yoga-Seats (2)

The best versatile seating that I have seen in any vehicle in our country must be the ones in Skoda Yeti. The rear seats of Yeti can be folded or tilted individually, or can be removed altogether to give you a real estate large enough to build an average house. Quanto now offers something similar, but they should have been present since its launch.

Mahindra-Quanto-Folding-Yoga-Seats (1)

The new seating arrangement in Quanto is designed to give you 60:40 split second row with 40% single dump, 100% double dump, or 100% single dump seats. The second row reclining seats now also comes with better quality material, cushioning, and center armrests. The third row jump seats are also taught “yoga” and can now be easily folded out of the way. Mahindra claims that the new seating geometry now facilitates seating arrangements in 36 different configurations, which needs classroom learning I guess!

Mahindra-Quanto-Folding-Yoga-Seats (3)

What’s not good though is the fact that if you already own a Quanto with rigid rear seats, you have more than one reason to feel bitter. One, the new seating arrangement comes without you having to dish out extra cash, and second, Mahindra is not talking about replacing the old bench seats on your older Quanto with the new foldable ones.

So, Mahindra is working on different aspects to make Quanto a more practical car than what it currently is. We have also exclusive spyshots of a 4×4 5-seater Quanto but that, we assume, was for international markets. How about considering it for India Mahindra?

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