Maruti-Suzuki’s just-launched-at-the-Auto-Expo Celerio hatchback is drawing customers to it like flies to a ball of jaggery, says a report on NDTV Profit. Figures quoted by the article are a whopping ~1,000 bookings per day which equates to 28-30k for a month. 


Celerio was launched at the Auto Expo on the 6th of February. It took over the reins from Maruti-Suzuki’s earlier underperforming Estilo and A-Star. Celerio boasts of a piece of interesting technology called the AMT or the auto gear shift, which allows the driver to snick through gears without the need for a clutch.

Celerio has quite a few points going in favour of it. Take for example the competitive price (details here) and the high fuel-efficiency figures, which make it a real interesting preposition in the entry-level hatchback segment. The good thing about Celerio is that the AMT versions do not carry a steep charge nor does it guzzle excess fuel when compared to the manual model. Generally, cars equipped with automatic transmission return significantly lesser fuel-efficiencies as compared to the manual variants of the same car.


Not only the pointy heads at Maruti-Suzuki, but the geeks at independent analyst firms also believe that the AMT can turn the tide hugely in Maruti-Suzuki’s favour. Considering that Maruti’s largest selling Alto 800 registers around 25,000 units per month, we will not be surprised if Celerio ends up being a second fiddle just under it and may go on to become Maruti’s second largest selling model in the country.

In an interesting report, Celerio AMT variants have been selling higher than the regular manual variants. And that is not all, other manufacturers have also sniffed the bone and are preparing Auto Gear Shift models in their stables, list of which we have shared here.

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  1. Those who were waiting for the car obviously book it at first month of its launch. It was the same with A-star and alto 800 too, and we all know what happened after that. A star is not at all in production nw. Let’s see what happens in coming months after the initial hype settles down..


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