NGT May Extend Diesel Ban to Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore

2015, the year when India took a giant leap with its space programme, showing to the West that even we are a force to keep in mind. But for me 2015 was the year when the Honourable Supreme Court taught me a lesson. A lesson which revolves around the theme of following laws and regulations. Back in December they worked on NGT’s decision by announcing a ban on registration of diesel vehicles with an engine displacement greater than 2,000 cc.

Popularly called as the ‘diesel ban’, the NGT we hear, is planning to extend this ban to other major cities as well. In fact, our sources have informed us that it might be extended to major cities like Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore. In fact, the green body is going through various data related to vehicular pollution sourced from Central Pollution Control Board.


Car makers have been facing a lot of problems from their parent arm. In fact manufacturers have been known to postpone the launch of vehicles due to this infamous diesel ban. The new Fortuner and Hexa are living examples where Toyota and Tata have postponed their products. If the ban is extended to more cities, it can create even more trouble for manufacturers. Investments will come to a standstill and so will development.

Banning a technology like this does seem a bit harsh especially when the world over diesel engines have been becoming more and more environmentally clean. What about you guys, do you think NGT is doing the right thing by extending the diesel ban to other cities?

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