Nissan Details the India Bound Euro Spec Micra Facelift [Video]

After our unknowing revelation of the Euro Spec Nissan Micra facelift a couple of months back, Nissan officially unveiled the car which now looks better but slightly different from the Thailand’s version. 

A snapshot from the video

The major visual difference between these versions that we can make out are the different headlamps. While the Thai Micra carries a pointed-leaf like eyes, this Euro Spec Micra draws inspiration from the Extreme Concept car that it displayed a while ago. Nonetheless, we have talked about the major points of interest on the car, here is a quick video detailing the interiors and exteriors of the new entrant.

Do not miss it out because this is what we will get in India! For more pictures and features, click here. For exclusive Indian Spyshot, click here.

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