There Will be No Renault GO, Thankfully!

Nissan has has stated that it will not go for cross-badging of its Datsun models with its alliance partner Renault. This has ruled out the possibility of Renault re-naming essentially the same Go and launching it as theirs!

Datsun-Go-Launch (5)

At the launch event of the Datsun GO hatchback, Ajay Raguvanshi, VP (business development) of Nissan Motor had this to say according to Economic Times :

As of now, there are no plans to cross-badge Datsun models with Renault

This development comes in the backdrop of Nissan & Renault cross-badging three of their products and selling them under respective brands. The three respective products are Nissan Micra, Nissan Sunny and Nissan Terrano. The counterparts from Renault go by the names of Pulse, Scala and Duster.

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On the 19th of March, Datsun launched its first ever model in India, the GO hatchback at a starting price of INR 3.12 lakhs. The GO hatchback will be available in 4 colour options and 2 interior trims. It is based on the platform of Nissan Micra and hence has loads of space on offer. It will compete against the Hyundai Eon, Alto 800 and Alto K10.

Frankly speaking, both Nissan and Renault were getting too overboard with this cross-badging. It makes sense initially when you are new with limited centers, capabilities and reach. However, now that both Renault and Nissan have spent a significant amount of time in India, they should consider offering proper individual products and not just bumper-headlight-change-here-is-my-new-car kind of stuff.

And we are not saying this for Go alone, but all the upcoming cars from Datsun and solo Nissan/Renault.

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