Official: Upcoming Duster-Rival Hyundai ix25 to be Called as CRETA!

After tons of spyshots and various leaked details, it is well known that Hyundai is testing a Duster-rivaling compact SUV for our market which was so far referred to as ‘ix25’. And now, through a press release, Hyundai has announced that it will be officially called as CRETA not only in India but also in many (or all) the world markets it will go to

Apart from this Hyundai also says that Creta will mark its global debut in the second half of this year from India. Though they have not shared what does this term means, they do say that Creta evokes similarities with the word ‘Creative’ and is easy to remember.


We have already shared with you that we will be driving the Creta towards the end of next month at Hyundai’s Chennai plant and it appears that the company is quickening the process and bracing up for a launch, which we expect to happen around August or September this year.

Creta is expected to get the 1.6 liter petrol and diesel engines from Verna and there is a possibility of Hyundaiย offering the smaller 1.4 liter CRDI motor as well for a lower entry price point.

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