SPIED: We Get Up-Close With a Petrol Vista Facelift Mule & Come Up With New Details

Yesterday, we got a nice little chance to snap and understand the upcoming Vista facelift a wee bit more. There was a whole fleet of Tata test vehicles which came up for a refuel at a petrol pump in Pune.

Now interestingly, there were two camouflaged and hidden Vista-like mules and we could snap one of them. What we understood is that this mule in pics is the petrol model since it was about to refuel at the same petrol machine which got our bike refuelled. Diesel machines were at a little distance where the Storme’s and Aria’s were getting their tanks up.


Coming to this mule, it was all covered from outside, however, the interiors were NOT covered and it carried very similar looking interiors and dashboard to the current Vista. However, as we have already unearthed earlier (here), the instrument console was at its proper driver side position. If you look carefully at these pics, it is visible as well.

However, the other Vista mule was camouflaged and hidden to its teeth including interiors and this is what has made us curios about the possibilities. Concluding from this, we can have the following possibility:

This mule (in pics) was the Vista facelift that may be launched earlier around the Auto Expo period to give some much-needed respite to Tata and the other better hidden was the ‘Falcon 4’ with comprehensive refresh which may come a lot later. This also fits into the scheme of things which have been reportedly saying that Vista will co-exist when the Falcon 4 is launched towards the end of next year.

Another pointer supporting this is that the mule in pics wears normal headlamps and we have seen spyshots of a Vista-like mule with projectors (here). So this means that projectors are being tested! (We couldn’t verify the other mules headlamps).


We are just trying to read between the lines of our findings. Actuality may or may not be the same.

Talking about the mule we have in pics, it strictly appeared to be a Vista facelift with same body lines. It was running on Apollo Amazer 3G 14 inchers with steel rims. The front and rear have obviously gone through a change. However, this mule just doesn’t appear to qualify for an all-new name if Tata has any such intentions.

We are on the prowl and will get you the info very soon…

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