Petrol Prices Slashed By 95 Paise

In a relief to the common Indian Petrolman, and as we have shared earlier, Petrol prices in the country have been slashed by 95 Paise. 

This is the second reduction in prices since October this year, the earlier quantum of reduction was lesser at around 60 paise. After adding taxes, total reduction of current drop would add upto something in the range of Rs 1.2 across the nation.


Prices of Petrol in Major Indian cities after reduction are

  • Mumbai: Rs 73.53 ( – Rs 1.2)
  • Chennai: Rs 70.57 ( – Rs 1.2)
  • Kolkata: Rs 74.55 ( -Rs 1.19)

This reduction in prices is already in effect since today. This is definitely a relief for common man running his vehicles on Petrol. With the latest increase in diesel prices and concurrent slash in petrol prices the difference between the two fuels is decreasing. Shall we expect people’s default choice to shift back to petrol?


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Source: Hindu


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