Volkswagen is going to reveal an SUV concept at the Geneva Motor Show which starts in a day. The concept is designed to showcase the German’s intention to build on the lucrative compact SUV/Crossover segment.

Renderings of this particular concept called the ‘T-ROC’ has been shared and it shows a three-door compact SUV that has about it an air similar to your boyhood bully. The wide and prominent underbody skid plates both fore and aft the T-ROC would remind you of a backhoe’s trenching bucket minus its fangs. It would turn out that it does have fangs.


The T-ROC is equipped with a something called the VW trademark 4-motion four-wheel-drive system with 3 distinct driving options – Street’, ‘Off-road’ and ‘Snow’. T-ROC is built upon VW’s MQB platform (Modularer Querbaukasten), which is German for Modular Transverse Matrix.

T-ROC, if it was 150 mm shorter, could’ve slid beautifully into the sub-4-meter category without eliciting a raised and suspicious eyebrow from the Indian MV Department, and would have shaken the very underpinnings off the Dusters and EcoSports. As things stand though, the T-ROC is 4179 mm in length, 1831 mm in width, but weighs just 1420 kg and we are not sure if this has any Indian inclination or not. 😀

VW-T-roc-sketch-pics (2)

To spin its 19-inch alloys, the T-ROC comes equipped with the 181 bhp 2.0-liter TDI diesel out from the Golf GTD, which, VW claims can hurl this brawny SUV from naught to a 100 kmph in just 6.9 seconds. The T-ROC utilizes a 7-speed dual-clutch transfer case to exploit the TDI’s capabilities.

Inside the T-ROC even a geek would feel at home. Volkswagen says that the Concept features touch-screen and assorted technological what-nots currently in vogue.


How much, if/when is expected to be answered when the T-ROC is unveiled at Geneva next week. And if you like confirmations, than be rest assured that the Volkswagen Taigun is coming to us and soon 🙂

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