Tata Launches CNG Variants of Indigo eCS eMAX and Indica eMAX; Prices Start Rs 3.99 Lakh

In June this year, Tata Motors announced its intention to launch more CNG run vehicles. After Nano eMAX, Tata Motors now comes up with a CNG-Petrol bi-fuel powered Indigo eMAX and Indica eMAX.

The compressed natural gas driven cars have lower carbon footprint and are cheaper to own and run owing to government subsidies.


Moreover, the Indica eMAX and the Indigo eMAX have the KDH factor (kitna deti hai?) that would undoubtedly perk up the ears of taxi and fleet owners.

Tata Indica eMAX CNG & Indigo eMAX CNG Fuel Efficiency:

Running on CNG the Indica eMAX, Tata claims, returns very agreeable 23.7 km to every kilogram of CNG burned and the Indigo in its CNG avatar is capable of returning 24.6 km/kg. The ranges these vehicles are capable of on a tankful are also very delightful – the eMAX Indica will go for 230 kilometres running CNG and over 600 km in petrol before it needs replenishment. Indigo eMAX does even better with its bigger tank and can range up to 230 kilometres in CNG and over 650 km in petrol.

Tata Indigo eMAX CNG produces 65 bhp and 100Nm on petrol and 56bhp and 90Nm of torque on CNG. These models come with an F-Shift (TA65 Cable Shift) gear box, which Tata claims, have improved the NVH levels on these cars. The exteriors are notable for the better looking headlight assembly and chrome-painted grills. The sides of both cars have a green blue decal affirming their ‘green’ credentials.


Indigo eMAX & Indica eMAX Availability:

These eMAX models have been introduced in 6 markets across India and will be available in Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Tripura.

Indigo eMAX & Indica eMAX Price:

The Tata Indica emax and the Tata Indigo emax have two variants each.

  • The base Indica emax GLS has a price tag of Rs.3.99 Lakhs and it goes upto Rs. 4.26 Lakhs for its GLX version.
  • The price range starts at Rs. 4.99 Lakhs and goes upto Rs 5.27 Lakhs for the emax Indigo GLS and Indigo GLX, respectively.

Prices quoted are ex-showroom Delhi.

So then, if you own taxis or are wondering how to reduce cost getting those employees to and from your office, look no further. Unless you could convince them to ride a bicycle to office, it can’t come any cheaper than this. But, hold on, has Tata fixed those niggling problems most of its vehicles are beset with?

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