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A year after setting up a subsidiary in Indonesia, Tata Motors has finally set foot into the Indonesian waters with the launches of Vista, Aria and Safari. But the most interesting bit is the talk floating around about a Tata Nano Automatic being ushered in according to The Hindu.


Tata Motors has to chart an uphill journey in Indonesia. In addition to the turbulent economic conditions that have engulfed many economies, the salt-to-chemicals conglomerate also has to weather teething competition from heavywewights like Toyota and others. Nevertheless, they have spent nearly a year in researching the market and are optimistic of getting a good response. A special offering for Indonesia from them is reportedly in the offing, and it is the Tata Nano Automatic!!

Yes, you read it right!!

Indonesians have a penchant for Automatic cars. A tailor-made model for the Indonesian market will help grab a good share of the market, and will also send a signal that they are poised for a long-term stint. Tata’s officials have already stated that Indonesia could transform into a market second only to India in the coming years.

We wish Tata success!! Now, let’s come to the meat of the matter. It is well known that Tata’s Holy Grail, the Nano, hasn’t really set the charts soaring. Production capacity at the dedicated plant in NaMo’s backyard lies grossly underutilized, and hence we see a lot of desperate measures from Tata to breathe life into the Nano.

We have been providing regular updates about the Tata Nano in the form of spyshots and leaks.  Here is a list of all the upcoming Nano variants:

Tata Nano 2013 Edition :


The 2013 edition of the Tata Nano arrived with an interesting TV commercial. It didn’t really have a list of changes to boast; just a wee bit of tweaks here and there. On top of it, there were no mechanical additions ( Not even Power Steering!). The interiors were the same, whereas two new colors were added to the palette – Dazzle Blue and Royal Gold.

Nevertheless, it did offer goodies at a nominally increased price. It was also clear that Tata Motors was targeting youngsters; overtly with the “Awesomeness”  ad, and covertly with the deluge of personalisation kits.

Tata Nano eMax (CNG):

The Tata Nano eMax is the CNG-powered version of the Cute Car. It will have the same 624cc engine, with the capability of running on both petrol and CNG as well. It is an even frugal version of the already fuel efficient small car. It is equipped with a 5 kg cylinder, with a claimed mileage of 36 km/kg. The petrol fuel tank has a capacity of 15 litres.


We had reported long back about the spying of Tata Nano CNG; you can have a look at it here. Tata Motors has already showcased this car at the ceremony where they unveiled their HORIZONEXT strategy. We expect it to reach showrooms soon, with a premium of about 25,000/- over the regular Nano.

Tata Nano Diesel:

Nano Diesel Mule

We feel this could be the turnaround that Nano has been requiring for a long time. And this has been requiring our attention for a long, long time. We have devoted lots of desk hours to reporting on this topic; you can have a look here.

Nano Diesel will sport changed bumpers, and a new paint option probably. The Metallic Brown, as shown in the image, isn’t included in the current palette. It will be powered by a 800cc CRDi motor, which will offer greater punch. The mill will hold the distinction of being the smallest turbo-charged engine in the world, and is expected to offer a magical fuel economy of around 40 kmpl!! (ARAI rated)

Nano diesel will be launched early next year, and it could very well be the nudge that Tata Motors has been needing all the while.

Tata Nano 800cc Petrol

Pic Credit: oncars.in

Speculations are rife that Tata is working on a bigger petrol version of the Tata Nano, powered by an 800 cc engine probably. It will run astride on larger wheels and will possess newer suspension to carry the bigger engine. It will fulfill the desire for more Fun Factor, and will definitely carry a premium over the regular 624cc engined Tata Nano.

We had reported about this test mule earlier; you can have a look at it here.

Tata Motors has definitely pinned many hopes on their Tiny Tot, the Nano. However, this recent development on the Nano automatic has caught us all interested again. If there is such a variant in plans as has been reported, Tata will definitely consider it for the Indian market and we may well have the cheapest automatic small car in the market.

We feel there could be some value addition with the introduction of such variants, thereby giving a northward push to the Nano’s sales charts. But, do you think Tata can do a justifying job with a niggle free Automatic box on the Nano?




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