Xcent vs Dzire vs Amaze in Prices

With the launch of Xcent at attractive prices, Hyundai has announced loud and clear that it wants a significant pie from Maruti’s and Honda’s share. Let us compare Xcent’s prices with Dzire and Amaze.


Hyundai Xcent vs Maruti Dzire vs Honda Amaze in Prices

Xcent Dzire Amaze
Petrol Price range 4.66-6.47 lac 4.85-6.31 lac 4.99-6.64 lac
Diesel price range 5.56-7.38 lac 5.78-7.32 lac 5.97-7.49 lac
PETROL Base variant 4.66 4.85 4.99
2nd base 5.32 5.3
mid-variant 5.57 5.44 5.69
second top 6.22 6.04
Top variant 6.47 6.31 6.64
Diesel Base variant 5.56 5.78 5.97
2nd base 6.23 6.24
mid-variant 6.48 6.51 6.65
second top 7.13 6.9
Top variant 7.38 7.32 7.49
Petrol AT Automatic mid 6.28 6.6 6.7
Automatic Top 7.19 7.55
  *All prices in lacs ex-showroom Delhi

So, for both the petrol and diesel variants, Xcent starts earlier but the higher variants are priced at par. In fact for a few variants, prices are higher than Dzire and Amaze. Here are a few quick pointers:

  • Apart from the base petrol, Xcent is priced higher than Dzire (for the petrol variants)
  • The top of the line Xcent diesel is priced higher than Dzire ZDI
  • Automatic Xcent is priced well: undercuts both Dzire and Amaze
  • The second-best variant of Xcent overshoots Amaze in both petrol and diesel
  • Apart from the base diesel, all variants of Xcent are priced almost at par with Amaze


While, the prices may look luring upfront, Hyundai has played the ‘lower entry level’ variant card and all other variants are priced almost at par with the competition. The petrol Automatic however looks interesting. Do share what do you feel about Xcent’s prices.

For features, variants and specifications, check out the Xcent launch article.

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