Xcent vs Dzire vs Amaze vs Indigo eCS: Boot Space

What is a compact sedan in Indian terms? A car based on an existing hatchback with an added boot to the rear to still keep it under 4 meters so that it is eligible for the lowest excise duties (which are 8% currently) as the hatch sibling.

With the latest launch of Xcent, we now have four cars competing in the same segment. The Indigo eCS was the first one to enter the segment, Dzire followed and Honda attacked with sub 4 meter sedan version of Brio called as Amaze.


While interior space is of paramount importance, let us, in this article compare the next key parameter – boot spaces of all these cars.

Xcent Dzire Amaze Indigo Ecs
Boot Space (in ltrs) 407 316 400 380

As you can see here, newly launched Xcent comes with the segment-best boot space capacity of 407 liters followed by Amaze’s 400 liters and Indigo’s 380 liters. Segment’s largest seller Dzire has the lowest 316 liters of boot space.

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So, in case you are a frequent traveller who likes to carry higher luggage in your car most of the times, Dzire just doesn’t deserve to be in your list. Amaze and Xcent slug it out for the best trunk capacity.


It also depends upon how easy it is to keep the luggage in, the height and the mouth opening. With Amaze, we have seen it is fairly easy. It remains to be seen how has Hyundai designed it on Xcent as the opening seems to be a bit narrow. More on this when we take the new Hyundai for a test drive…

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