And here is Honda proving why it is the king when it comes to engines! Honda’s petrol engines are already regarded as driving gems with fantastic refinement and great fuel efficiencies. 

Honda’s diesel engine is coming to India and Amaze will be the car that will get it first. We already know about the details that it will be a 100PS, 200Nm 1.5L diesel engine powered by Honda’s EarthDreams technology. The two most awaited and well kept secrets so far were its price and fuel efficiency.


While the price is still under covers, we now know that Amaze comes with an ARAI certified fuel efficiency rating of 25.8kmpl! We repeat, 25.8 kmpl! And if you still could not believe it, pinch yourself! This is exactly 2.4kmpl more compared to its direct rival Dzire which is rated at 23.4kmpl.

So, in the nutshell, as we had predicted, the first true rival (or lets call it a beater) is here. Amaze produces 33% more power, 10Nm of higher torque and has a 10% higher certified fuel efficiency as compared to Dzire. Its just the pricing that remains a decider.

If Honda can price Amaze competitively against Dzire, speculations of which are already ripe, we can really expect Dzire’s sales to fall big time. In many cities, Dzire is already available off the shelf because of the market conditions. And, if that’s not all, Dzire has to contend with 4 more competitors lined up for a launch sometime this year. And if you are not aware, Honda is launching Amaze on 11th of April in India.

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