Bajaj RE60 is Ready for Launch, Just Waiting for Clearances

Apart from their motorcycles and 3-wheelers, Bajaj intends to enter the 4-wheel quadricycle market in India and in fact, this  new segment has been created because of their RE60 which has been a point of debate for many months now.

The Pune based auto manufacturer took covers off their first four wheeled vehicle, the RE 60, back at the 2012 Auto Expo. According to a report on Money Control, RE60 quadricycle is ready for launch and the company is just waiting for the necessary regulatory clearances from the government.


The RE60 which our reader spied in Pune back in October is also a visual proof that the quadricycle was production ready. Slated to be manufactured in Aurangabad, RE60 houses a 200cc water cooled engine with a closed loop fuel injection. As it first appeared on MotorBash, RE60 will also come with a CNG fuel option.


RE60 claims to have a top speed of 70 kmph and an incredibly high fuel efficiency figure of 35 kmpl. The compact 400 kg light weight body has a turning radius of just 3.5 meters and is one of the least polluting four wheeler in the world, with a minimum carbon emission of 60 g/km.

Bajaj-RE60-Pics (1)

Expected to be targeting the three wheeler market, the RE 60 would be an upgrade from the auto-rickshaws to something which will not only protect the occupants from different weathers and pollution, but is also expected to be a much safer vehicle with higher stability at all speeds (as compared to auto rickshaws). The company also has export plans for this quadricycle. With a seating capacity of 4 people, this rear engined RE60 also gets more space to store luggage in a secure way.

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