Bajaj QUTE: Why is it NOT Being Allowed to be Launched in India

16 countries of the world find the Bajaj Qute safe and launch-worthy but we don’t! Forget science and technology and everything else, just speak out of common sense – Doesn’t the additional fourth wheel make for a more balanced commuter. But who says it is a car or its replacement? On this pretext, let us talk … Read more

Bajaj Qute Gets 1 Star Euro NCAP Rating; Better Than Nano, Alto, Figo etc

Quadricycles, a new category of four-wheelers are now official but the first vehicle, Bajaj Qute has not been allowed on the roads yet in fear of ‘safety’! Qute has been the target by car makers, auto rickshaw unions and other parties ever since it was announced, but Bajaj has not given up on the fight … Read more