Buy Used Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, and Jaguar from Audi!

And all the Audis too, obviously. Well, almost all…

Nowadays, even buying a brand new car can sometimes be a harrowing experience, what with horror stories popping up every now and then about some unscrupulous dealer passing on a repainted/used car as new to an unsuspecting customer. So one can only imagine how high the chances of getting duped might actually get when it comes to buying a preowned car, and that too a premium one.

But fret not, as things are getting better. From manufacturers coming down hard on the dealerships, upon catching even a whiff of unprofessionalism towards customers, to company owned used-car dealerships guaranteeing peace of mind to customers, car buyers in India can certainly look forward to better experiences in the near future.

Audi Approved Plus Gurgaon

Anyway, buying new or old, that most important “peace of mind” can only be attained if you have not bought a lemon, and since we have not heard any aforementioned sob stories around Audi Approved Plus, we would like to take the company’s word at face value as of now. Which, according to Mr. Hardeep Singh, DGM, Audi Approved Plus, is…

“We at Audi Approved Plus not only aim at providing a hassle free experience to the customer while buying a luxury car, but also at looking after the post-sale needs of the customer with respect to timely service, etc.”

Used Audi R8 for sale

Well, they just completed a year successfully last month and invited us on the occasion, which they chose to call as “Audi Experience”. And as you can see in the heading, it’s not just the Audis that you can buy from them; there are also a few Porsches, Mercedes, BMWs, and Jaguars (all preowned, of course) which you can drive back home. After buying.

Bloggers at the event

Plus, each vehicle on sale goes through 309 inspection check-points before it occupies showroom space at Audi Approved Plus. And talking about space, there’s lots of it — 26,000 square feet to be precise. With a capacity to display 33 cars, they claim this one (the Gurgaon showroom) to be the largest showroom of preowned cars in India.

Premium used cars for sale

And before you even visit them, you may check their website — — that will help you to identify the car of your choice from the available options, and make the chaps at Audi Approved Plus aware of your interest. Thereafter, everything from removal of hypothecation, if any, to issuance of the Registration Certificate in the name of the new owner, will all be handled by Audi Approved Plus. A two-year warranty, among other things, can also be ticked.

Do take a look if you’re contemplating a buy, and let us know how you feel…

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