Geneva Auto Show- Brief of launches 3

Alright, so now let’s talk about European manufacturers, specially my favorite, Dacia. But let’s start with Volkswagen Polo BlueGT. I hope yo remember our post by Arghya Pan mentioning some features of this car specially the ‘ACT’ of Volkswagen first time in the world on a so small engine measuring 1.4 litres in volume shod … Read more

Geneva Auto Show- Brief of launches 2

Well, After the first report, let’s talk more. Tata Motors has unveiled the MegaPixel Concept. It will be powered by 4 wheel mounted motors and the batteries will be charged by an engine powered genrator, pumping out 100 kilometers per litre of mileage! This will also give it a range of 900 kilomteres for one … Read more

Geneva Auto Show- Brief of launches

Let’s start off with Honda and we will move further on whatever has happened in the Geneva Auto Show till now. Not much time has passed and we ain’t out of the Auto Expo 2012 launches and here comes another full meal course of the automobiles all set to be launched the world over. So … Read more