2015 Hyundai i10 Crash Test Result – a shocking One star in adult safety, despite two airbags.

Asean NCAP first tested the Hyundai i10 in 2012 when it scored 2-stars in Adult Occupant Protection (AOP). In order to validate its current structure and in a hope of better upgrades, very recently in December they tested the 2015 i10 and the results are very disappointing.

Despite the presence of both driver and passenger airbags (yes both), the tested i10 could score only 4.40 points (out of 16) which stands for 1-star rating, lesser than last time! This calls for a very big question mark on the safety and integrity of the structure.

The model tested was produced in Malaysia for the domestic market with the 1.1 Liter EPSILON petrol engine. In that market, Hyundai offers driver side airbag as standard and passenger airbag, ABS etc are optional. ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is not on offer in any model.

Hyundai i10 Crash Test Pic

However, the car scored 79% compliance in Child Occupant Protection (COP) which stands for a 4 star, attributed to the presence of ISOFIX and top tether.

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It must be noted that the Indian-spec Hyundai i10 doesn’t come with airbags in any of its four variants it is sold here. And chances of it scoring anything more than the Malaysian-spec car in structure are really low! These i10 crash test results are a big disappointment and since it is an older model (which we believe will be phased out in sometime at least in India), Hyundai may not really want to work on its structure!





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