Renault India has completed a rather eventful two years of journey in India. Within these two years, they have launched four products out of which one has been a huge hit. We all know that is the Duster which is still sweeping the sales charts month after month.

It is because of Duster that the company has enjoyed a fabulous run in India and if fact be said, none of their other products can be really said to be rollers! With an increased competition which is brewing up from all cylinders, they need to buckle up and buckle up fast.

Dacia-Renault-Duster-Adventure (2)

Nonetheless, on its second anniversary in India, the company is upbeat and has launched a promotional offer where customers will win sureshot gifts upon every successful Renault car booking during 5th, 6th and 7th July. According to the company, these gifts amount to as much as 2 crore INR! That is not all; a winner couple can also get to win a trip to Paris.

Renault has sold as many as 80,000 cars during their tenure in India and currently has over 100 dealers in the country and the French giant is on a lookout to increase this figure.

This promotional scheme can also be looked at as a response to EcoSport which has been launched at shattering prices in India and a hence, possess a direct threat to Duster’s sales. Renault has seen it in Brazil where, despite a higher price, EcoSport toppled Duster and has reduced its (Duster’s) sales to almost half!

All you need to do to avail these gifts is to book any Renault car during these three days and you will win assured prizes. Renault has not mentioned what kind of gifts/prizes are there!

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