SPIED: What is VW Hiding in This Secret Polo With Hidden Badges?

We have been keeping a very keen eye on all the latest developments from the Volkswagen India camp. We shared with you the first and only conclusive pics of Volkswagen Polo CNG and Vento CNG in December 2012.

Now, we have caught this Polo on the streets of Pune with hidden badges yet again. The last time we spotted the same mule was during the starting of January this year. There are so many variants of Polo that VW is planning, we can not be dead sure about which one among them is this Polo we have in hand.

 Volkswagen-Polo-1.2-TSI (1)

If you are unaware, VW is planning the following variants of Polo (Click on the hyperlink to know more details and pics of the respective cars):

  1. Polo 1.6 GTD
  2. Polo 1.2 TSI
  3. Polo CNG
  4. CrossPolo

This doesn’t appear to be the CrossPolo or the CNG variant. This might just be one among the 1.6GTD or the 1.2TSI. Our guess is that this might just be the 1.2TSI that Volkswagen is testing prior to its launch. This mule was doing in excess of 100kmph on the relatively not so open highway it was spotted on plus it did not emit any smoke during sudden 10-100kmphs after it had to create way between snarling trucks.

Volkswagen-Polo-1.2-TSI (2)

We have talked about how, through the badges, we suspect it to be the TSI in our earlier catch. If you are wondering what is this TSI thing we are talking about, then VW is preparing its Polo hatch with a stonker of a 3 cylinder (how so they love 3-pots!) 1.2L turbocharged petrol mill that can pump a power output of 103.5PS and a torque of 175Nm. That makes it similar in power but a lot more torquey than the naturally aspirated 1.6L Petrol motor. All this at a claimed fuel efficiency of 17kmpl! Launch of all the above mentioned variants of Polo is expected to happen this year.

We are beginning to feel excited. We suggest you to start saving as well!


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