List of All Upcoming Compact Sedans in India [Updated]

Indians would rather have a 3 box sedan’s base model rather than a premium hatch. So here we have a list of all upcoming compact sedans that will be flooding the Indian market somewhere this year and some may spill to early next year.

And if you are wondering why are we witnessing so many cars with chopped boots?

Its because of our excise duty structure which intends to promote smaller cars with more efficient engines. So cars which are smaller than 4 meters in length and have less than 1200cc petrol engines (1500cc for diesel engines) attract the lowest 12% duties.

All cars which do not come in this bracket have to pay more starting from the next slot which is exactly double at 24% and goes on higher based on different specifics.

You can generally get a mid level model of a compact sedan at the price of a premium hatch, since the companies pass on this benefit of excise duty to the customers.

Current Compact Sedan Cars in India:

And let’s today, take a look at all the cars which are coming to take on these four, specially the insane seller Swift Dzire and Amaze! 

1. Hyundai Grand i10 Based Compact Sedan

In a very recent report it has been made clear that Hyundai is also working on a compact sedan version of their upcoming Grand i10 hatchback which will obviously be the biggest thorn which will bug both Maruti and Hyundai.


Though not many details have spluttered till now, but it appears that it may share the same 1.2L Kappa2 petrol engine as well as the new 1.1L U2 diesel mill that will power the Grand i10. Hyundai also has an option of plonking the i20’s 1.4L diesel mill on this one. Speculatively, this may be named as ‘Accent’, in turn giving Hyundai an already renowned brand to build upon.

Launch is expected sometime towards the first half of 2014. More Details

2. Nissan Micra Based Compact Sedan

What we have learnt is that Nissan is also preparing a sedan version of their darling hatchback Micra. This project is reportedly still under pre-development phase and depending upon the intent of both Renault and Nissan, it will be worked upon.

Nissan-Micra-Facelift (1)

A similar philosophy will also be used on the Renault Pulse hatchback and both these cars will obviously sit under Sunny and Scala respectively. Not much is known but we can safely assume that they will come plonked with the Renault’s 1.5L K9K diesel engine that this JV uses so extensively. (More Details)

3.Tata Manza CS:

Tata has to its credit as being the car maker to bring in world’s first proper 3 box compact sedan in the form of Indigo CS, now termed as the Indigo eCS. Tata had the first mover advantage and the car was a runaway success. But somehow the Indigo and Indica brands could not break free from their taxi image and this dented the Indigo CS in the longer run.

But then changed the days, they brought in the Manzas and Vistas, loaded with features and loads of cabin space. Manza is more spacious than your regular C-segment sedans. And Tata motors looks to take advantage of just that. The Manza Compact might just come in late 2013. The diesel engine would be the same Quadrajet which does duty on the Vista and the Manza and might come in the 90PS VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger) form. It will compete with likes of Best selling Swift Dzire and the upcoming Honda Amaze and Mahindra Verito CS.

TATA Manza

Will it be available in petrol remains to be seen though! Pricing is again expected to be around or under Rs 6 Lakh and the compact sedan car might hit towards the end of this year.

Dear Swift Dzire, we know you sell more than 15,000 units a month. We know you are disproportionate. Now just wanted to let you know that the competition is soon gonna catch up with you and you can no more get away by just being a Maruti.

Yours Lovingly,
Grand i10 CS, Micra CS and Manza CS


And if you thought, the story ends here, you are just wrong my friend! We have two more surprises!

4.Volksagen Vento CS:

Autocar India has very recently reported that Volkswagen is working on a sub 4 meter version of their compact sedan Vento. This comes as a huge surprise considering a lot of factors. The prime-most being the fact that Volkswagen generally doesn’t make country specific models (at least for lower sales markets) and with Vento CS, they will be limited to India.


Since this is a very recent revelation so not much information is out but what becomes apparent is that VW will have to get in new smaller engines because both the current 1.6L engines exceed the lowest excise duty conditions. Vento is 4384mm in length and Polo is 3970mm. VW will chop at least 384mm from the current Vento for the car to be eligible for the the lowest excise duties of 12%. Launch is expected towards the end of this year 2013.

5.Ambassador CS:

And if you think you are day-dreaming, you are absolutely not! Ambassador was definitely working on a chopped-boot version of their age old workhorse and to surprise you more, there were spyshots of the car which were caught on the roads.

This is an actual mule of Ambassador. Click image for details. Pic Credit: Autocar

However, for more than a year we have not heard about any development on this front. What has happened to the car and the plan in not known. But if Ambassador gets chopped, we might all get ready for…… closing our eyes when we spot one on the roads… 😀

So, if you have 6 Lakh odd rupees in your bank account and have plans to get a sedan, this is what is on the menu…!

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  1. I really think you should not be putting the Ambassador Compact sedan on the list. I don’t think it will happen and even if it did, it is likely to sink to the bottom of the market unless of course commercial vehicle consideration of taxi drivers/owners and politicians come into the picture.


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