There is so much happening around the Automotive world that we need to keep up else we miss out on some of the most important happenings. We are coming up with this useful feature – “MotorBash Week FlashBack” just for you in case you have missed reading out or keeping updated with any of these.

We would compile a list of all articles that were published for the bygone week to enable you to go through them and read whichever you have missed. This list would be published every Monday and would consist of all the articles that were published in the last week.


Week FlashBack — 25th June to 1st July:


It was an interesting and eventful week which included some real hungama in the automotive scene of the country. New Ford Figo revealed its front face, Alto 800 was discovered completely uncamouflaged, Chevrolet launched new Captiva and Cruze, petrol prices were reduced by almost Rs 3 and yesterday we published exclusive spy pics of Spark revealing its front face. Here is a list of all the articles that were published.

Click on anyone that interests you to open it up.

Top 5 Articles of the Week: (Must Read)

  1. Big Scoop: Maruti 800/Alto Replacement Caught Revealing All – Reveals the year’s most important car – Alto 800. Contains 5 pictures of the car absolutely uncamoufaged.
  2. Exclusive Scoop: Chevrolet Spark Facelift Caught Revealing its Front Face – Check this scoop of New Chevrolet Spark’s front face for the first time.
  3. As Many as 5 Upcoming Cars from Chevrolet this year: List and all Details Inside – Lists all the 5 New cars Chevrolet plans to launch this year with possible dates and segments.
  4. The SUV Onslaught in India – Are you Game? List of All SUVs Coming to India – Lists all the 22 SUVs which are coming to India
  5.  New Ford Figo Facelift Spied Again – Front Pics Included – New Figo Facelift with front face pictures

The Other Significant Articles:


More Dope:




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